13 secret tips about how to protect your phone from hackers

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1. Lock your smartphone

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers
One of the best and most basic things to secure your phone by using phone lock features. Most of you may be thought that it’s not so important. But still, it can protect your basic data that is available on your gallery or in file manager.

If someone stole your phone then they can easily access your local drive. Where you keep your personal information. So try to lock your phone. Maybe you use pin code, pattern lock or face unlock but it’s not so secure. Try to use passcodes or fingerprint locks for unlocking your phone.

Because pin code or pattern may be easily gues. But passcode guessing is harder because it will make with the combination of numbers, symbols, and the special character.

To lock your phone go to settings > Password & security > choose screen lock > set passcode, pin or pattern.

2. Download apps from Play Store or trusted source only

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers
Sometimes we use some moded apps on our device for special features. But it should be harmful to your device.

So try to use apps that are available on Google Play Store. Also, you can download apps from a trusted source.

Many apps that you use are not available on the Google Play Store. Because they did not follow the play protect terms and conditions. Using apps from the Play Store can keep your phone secure because Play Store automatically scans the installed apps on your device from time to time.

To prevent installing apps from an unknown source you must disable the “install app from unknown source” option.

To do that go to settings > Password & Security > Privacy > Special app access > install unknown apps.

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3. Keep updating your phone and installed software regularly

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers
Sometimes you find a notification that security updates are available on your device. But you skip it without updating.

Don’t do this! keep updating your phone security updates and also update all the apps that are installed on your device.

Your phone security system may break over time because everything has an expiration date. It can contain loopholes or back doors. This is the reason why security updates are released from time to time to fix them. So try to update every Security update on your device on a regular basis.

To check for new security updates go to settings > passwords & security > Privacy > Security update.

Also updating installed apps is very important. Because it fixes various bugs, adds new features, fixes internal problems, and changes your device’s overall performance.

To update installed apps on your phone open playstore > Tap on profile icon > Manage apps and device > Updates.

4. Enable android Find my device

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers
Always try to enable the Android Find my device feature. You can remotely access your phone if it is stolen or if you leave it somewhere.

Your information is more valuable than your smartphone. Your phone’s GPS will always be on and connected to the Google server if you enable these features.

You can simply lock and sign out of your Google account, ring your device, and remotely erase your device with the use of this option.

5. Use two-factor authentication

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers
To log in to your Google account, social network account, or other financial accounts, you may need to take one more step. But you must use two-factor authentication everywhere it’s possible. You can use google authenticator.

6. Do not save passwords on your device

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers

Many of us save passwords on our devices. Generally, we save passwords for applications that we use frequently. It saves time and eliminates the need to remember a password. However, if you are concerned about the security of your device, this is not a smart approach.

But now you’re probably wondering how you’ll remember all those passwords. You can use a password manager as a solution. This protects your password. You didn’t have to memorize anything.

7. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers

We never care if our phone’s Bluetooth, wifi, or other connectivity options are turned on or off. It’s not a good habit to get into.

If you accept a pairing request from someone you don’t know, it could risk your financial activity on your smartphone. So, while it’s not in use, always turn off all those connectivities.

8. Don’t charge your phone in public ports

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers
Sometimes we stay in such public places where we need to charge our phones and we use public ports. However, you are unaware that it is harmful to your device.

When you connect your phone to a public port via USB it is not just charging. By this, you will give permission unknowingly to access your device through USB. So, in this situation, you may carry a power bank with you to charge your phone in public.

9. Do not root your Android device

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers
Many Android users love to root their devices. Because of its advantages or they can customize their Android device easily. However, rooting your device will compromise your phone’s security system and you will open all the doors to gain access to your device.

And the hackers are searching for those rooted Android devices for attack or inject malware easily. So never root your Android device for extra features for advantages.

10. Use VPN

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers

Virtual private networks provide secure connections to Internet users. When you use a VPN it creates a temporary IP address and hides your original IP address when you are using an internet connection. So that when you connect with a website they cannot find your original IP address and it makes an extra layer for your protection from hackers.

11. Never allow notification permission from all websites

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers

When you visit a website a popup notification appears. Where there are two options allow and block. If you trust this website then you can allow it. But if you do not trust any websites, don’t give permission for sending notifications.

Because by clicking on allow you are giving permission to send the notification. They can send a phishing notification.

12. Never open suspicious links

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers
Do not open any suspicious links that are sent through WhatsApp or messaging apps. Maybe you noticed some message that demands, you got some price and provided a link below. Or any type of seductive message which contains some links. Do not open this! because your one-click can hack your phone.

13. Re check app permission

13 quick tips about how to protect your phone from hackers

After installing any apps when we going to launch them, it asks for permission. And blindly we allow everything without any concern.

Have you ever thought about whether some photo editing apps should ask for permission to make a phone call or send a text message? Should it be given? So think about it before you grant permission and keep your eyes open.

Final word

Keep all of these suggestions in mind to keep your phone safe. I hope how to protect your phone from hackers will help you a lot to keep safe your personal information. If you found this post to be useful, please share it with your friends and family.

So that they may protect their privacy as well. So please continue to share! If you want to read more articles like this, you should subscribe to this blog.
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