How To Download Movies From Telegram To Gallery

Downloading movies or web series from Telegram is very easy. Learn how to download movies from Telegram.

Telegram is a popular messaging app like other social media. But nowadays it’s going more famous for its large file-sharing features including movies.

On Telegram, you can share unlimited photos, videos, and files up to 2GB in size. Also, this app lets you create groups with 200,000 people.

Telegram is perfect for movie lovers because of its user-friendly interface and huge movie library collection.

With the help of this, any user can join different channels and get their favourite movies very easily.

The same technique can be used to download Telegram movies from any device. Whether it is from an iPhone, an Android, or a computer.

How to download movies from Telegram on iPhone & Android

You can follow the step-by-step guide below if you want to download movies on Telegram on any device whether iPhone or Android:

Step 1: Finding the right movie channels on Telegram

Before downloading movies on Telegram, you need to join some Telegram movie download channels. Don’t worry! There are a lot of free channels you can easily join.

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To do this, you will see a search icon on Telegram. That you can use to look up a specific movie by name or category.

According to your search, all available channels will be displayed. You can visit and join the channels or send a join request.

If you don’t want to join a channel, you can type the name of the movie into the search bar, and Telegram will display all of the channels list that have shared it. So you can visit there and download it very quickly.

Step2: Find the movie download link you want

After joining the channels you will see the download link in blue colour, below the movie posters. So you can easily download your favourite movie by clicking on that link.

If the movie you’re looking for isn’t available on that channel, you can search for it on that channel.

Step3: Download or stream your favourite movie

Whenever your movie is downloaded on Telegram it will be automatically saved on your device.

It will be saved in a folder named Telegram, from where you can access and enjoy the movie.

How to download movies from telegram to gallery

As I mentioned earlier, when you download a movie or photo from Telegram, it gets saved in a folder called Telegram in your storage.

But if many of you want this photo or video to be directly in your gallery then you need to enable a setting. Know how you can download Telegram movies directly to your gallery:

  • First, open the Telegram app and click on the three-line menu button.
  • Then click on the Settings option.
  • Scroll down and click on data and storage options.
  • Then enable the toggle button before Private Chat, Groups, and Channels, under the Save to Gallery option.
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How to download movies from telegram to gallery


Friends, there are many frequently asked questions related to “how to download movies from telegram”. That I collected from many forums and search engines. So I added them to this article for my readers.

Q1. How to find movies on Telegram?

To find a movie on Telegram, Click on the search icon and search with the movie name or category. Like Hindi dubbed movies, Hollywood Hindi dubbed, south Hindi dubbed, etc.

Q2. Is downloading movies from Telegram illegal in India?

Most films produced by major studios are usually protected by copyright. So downloading them from Telegram is illegal.

Q3. How to download movies from telegram in PC?

First, open the Microsoft store. Search for telegram. Download and install it on your PC. Create an account. And then follow the same process that I discuss above.

Why can’t I download movies on Telegram?

There are many reasons behind this problem. Check the list below if any are exists on your telegram app.

1) Check if data saver mode is enabled.
2) Clear the telegram cache.
3) Check your internet connection.
4) Check if your phone’s storage space is enough.


If you are a movie lover, then telegram is best for you to get the latest movies and web series. By following the above method you can easily download your favorite movies or series on your device.

If you found this guide helpful then please share it with your friends and family. To get more guides and tips like this you can check our How-To section.

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