There will be a feature in Android 14 that will help you to save battery on your phone.

With the advancement of technology, our smartphones also changed a lot but still, the battery is a weak point.

We need to charge our phones once or more a day, whether for gaming or for entertainment purposes. Which is really annoying.

Android 14 Will Introduce A Feature Helps To Save More Battery Power

All the smartphones coming out in the upcoming days have significantly larger batteries. And also with that, the functionality of smartphones has increased.

So if you look at the calculations, the smartphone battery now lasts just as long as your old phone.

A report has revealed that Google is working to provide a feature in Android 14 to solve the problem. Which will help us to save battery capacity a lot.

This feature will be called wallpaper dimming which many beta users are testing. When this mode is enabled it will make the wallpaper more dimmer than other UIs.

This idea of dimming the wallpaper to save battery is inspired by the extra dimming features of the Pixel phone. Which will be available for all devices on Android 14 after launching.

The power consumption of OLED displays is based on the number of working pixels and their brightness.

So if this mode is enabled, then pixels will run at lower brightness, so should also be battery saving.

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