There is a new WhatsApp message that requests you to download Pink Whatsapp by sharing a link. And claims that Pink Whatsapp has more features than the default Whatsapp.

We all know that WhatsApp is a very popular social media platform. And nowadays almost everybody uses WhatsApp for messaging or connecting with friends.

So this popular social media is now the main target of hackers. Recently a message has become very popular, that shared a link on WhatsApp and instructed users to install Pink Whatsapp on their phones. And claims that it will provide you with more features than the official WhatsApp.

What is pink WhatsApp?

Many of you have heard the name GB WhatsApp. Many of you may also use GB WhatsApp to get extra features. Pink whatsapp is a modified version like this GB WhatsApp and these are commonly known as modded apps of whatsapp.

You cannot download all these modded versions of WhatsApp directly from playstore as they are not trusted.

Many of you may not know that all the applications available on the Play Store are allowed only after verification.

You may be using such applications on your phone by downloading them from sources other than Playstore for extra features.

So you should also be aware that these applications may contain malware or phishing attacks. Which can deliver all your phone information to hackers in a pinch.

You may also think a simple thing if pink whatsapp or other modded versions of whatsapp didn’t have any bugs or errors then why isn’t offered on the Google Play Store?

Anyway, the main purpose of this article is to make you aware. We store a lot of personal information on our phones, along with financial and other data.

So it’s also important to keep it safe. So, if you want to use any application, you can always use it from a trusted website or Google PlayStore.

And of course, you should check if the Play Protect option is enabled in your Google Play Store.

What if you already downloaded Pink WhatsApp?

If you are already using pink whatsapp or any other modified application then definitely uninstall it now. And don’t download apps from untrustworthy sources for any lure or extra features.

Clicking on the link of a message sent by an unknown person on Whatsapp can also be dangerous for you.

Wrapping up

If you have received any such message or have used an application on your device from an unknown source, then definitely uninstall it and subsequently always use an application on your phone from a trusted source.

So stay safe! And must share with others and keep others safe. You can follow us on Google News to get the latest tech information, Social media guides, tutorials, and many more.