Transferring WhatsApp chats from one device to another device with the same operating system is now going to be very easy. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, officially announced that WhatsApp chat can be moved between devices running the same operating system by scanning a QR code.

For this, there will be no need to take backup in any cloud. When data is transferred by scanning, it will only transfer data between these two devices, and it will be fully encrypted.

WhatsApp chat will be transferred from one device to another device with a QR code

WhatsApp chat will be transferred from one device to another device with a QR codeIt is expected that the new method of chat transfer will be much faster and easier than the cloud backup method.

In the previous method, conversation history had to be first backed up to iCloud or Google Drive and then downloaded to a different device to recover the chat. This procedure won’t be used in the new system.

Your two smartphones must have the same operating system, such as Android to Android or iOS to iOS, to use this new technique.

Whenever this feature is launched, you need to go to Settings > Chat > Chat Transfer to use this feature.

If you want to transfer your chat history to another method, like Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, then there is a separate guide available on the whatsapp help page.

There is no update on when exactly these features will be launched. However, WAbetainfo reported that this feature is already available for some beta testers on Android and iOS.

But after the official announcement, it is assumed that this feature is going to be launched for everyone very soon.

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