A new update is coming soon to WhatsApp where if you share a photo with your friends or family, its quality remains the same.
Many of you may know that if we have shared a photo on WhatsApp, it gets compressed. Due to the compression of the photo, the quality becomes very bad. For this reason, many WhatsApp users use other applications to share photos.
But there is good news for you. Now you can share high-quality photos through whatsapp.
In the new update of Whatsapp, it has been announced that users can now share their photos in high quality with their whatsapp friends.
Whatsapp has already updated this feature in its beta version. Where users will get two options on how they want to share their photos HD quality or standard quality.
WABetaInfo tweeted and shared screenshots about this new update.
WhatsApp's new update allow to share high quality photos

Whatsapp has used compression technology from the beginning. So that if a user shares a photo, it gets compressed and shared very quickly. Also, there is less load on the server.
But the main problem is that recipients received the photo in very low quality because of the compression.
Earlier, the maximum resolution criteria for WhatsApp photo sharing is 1600 × 1052 pixels. But after this new update of WhatsApp, whatsapp users will be able to share photos with a maximum resolution of 4,096×2,692 pixels.
These features are already seen in the beta version of WhatsApp but now the question is when will WhatsApp make it available for its stable and global version. It may be available to all whatsapp users in the next two to three weeks.
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