According to a report by WAbetainfo, WhatsApp is launching two new features that will enable high-quality video sharing and enhance the profile icon for group chats. And it is also available for some beta testers.

Whatsapp is launching two new updates: high-quality video sharing and an enhanced profile icon for group chats

You may recently hear about a new WhatsApp update that allows you to share high-quality photos. Just like that, whatsapp is launching another feature where high-quality video sharing is possible.

Using WhatsApp’s new update, when a person shared a photo, a message bubble would show an indicator that it was a high-quality photo.

Similarly, when a user shares a video, this indicator will automatically show that it is a high-quality video.

The quality of the original video shared by the new HD video-sharing features will not be the same. There will be some light compression. But now the video quality will be better than the previous standard quality.

But when WhatsApp users share a video, they must select the high-quality option every time. Because by default, it will be standard.

But you must remember one thing; this feature is only available for video sharing. Not for a status update. That means in WhatsApp status video will upload after compression.

After installing the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update, which is available in the Test Flight app, you can use these features. Currently, these features are available for some beta testers.

Now let’s know about the second feature of WhatsApp. There are many persons whose profile picture is hidden or unavailable that will be slightly enhanced in group chat.

According to the new update, the latest version of Whatsapp will now display the group member’s initials on their profile in a group conversation rather than a blank thumbnail.

In this way, other chat participants can instantly know the person who is represented by the thumbnail.

These features are currently available in the Test Flight app and have been made available to some beta testers. In the coming days, these features soon be available for many people.

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