Whatsapp is working on another new feature in the Google Play beta program. When you receive a message from an unknown phone number you will see a new overlay pop-up screen. Which known as safety tools.
According to a report by WAbetainfo, WhatsApp is working on a new feature in the Google Play beta program called Safety Tools. Let’s find out how it will help you stay secure on WhatsApp and how it works.
WhatsApp is rolling out safety tools | Here's how its work
Source: WAbetainfo
Billions of users are using whatsapp. You may also receive unsocialized messages from businesses or unknown numbers. But it becomes more risky when spammers target WhatsApp.
So with all this in mind, WhatsApp is working on a new feature called Safety Tools to keep its users safe.
Whenever you receive a message from an unknown number you will see an overlay pop-up screen in front of you.
Whereas before you will see two options to block the contact and report it to the moderation team.
WhatsApp has also added some more features. Where you can see information like profile photo, profile name, and country code of the phone number etc.
Because spammers use phone numbers from other countries to commit fraud.
If you decide to block or report the contact, the sender will not receive any notifications even if your read-receive option is enabled.
So this safety tool feature of WhatsApp not only highlights the entire information of this unknown person but also adds another new feature where the sender will not know whether you have read his message or not.
The sender will never receive any notifications until you choose to reply or add them to your phone book contact list.
Whatsapp Safety Tool has been made available to some lucky beta testers who have used the latest version of WhatsApp. And in the next few days, this feature will be available for all users. However, no actual date has been mentioned in the report.
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