Whatsapp has submitted another new update to the Test Flight Beta program. Whereas whatsapp is working on sticker suggestion features and it has been available for some beta testers.

WhatsApp is a famous private messaging application, with millions of people using it. And chat experience has become better thanks to successive updates of whatsapp.

To further improve the chat experience, WhatsApp recently released sticker suggestion features in an update for beta testers.

WhatsApp is working on sticker suggestion features Know how this feature works

When you input an emoji in the chat bar, a sticker tray will appear above the chat bar with some stickers suggestions.

These features will make it much simpler for users to find their most appropriate stickers and expected the communication experience will be much faster.

You will find these features in Whatsapp’s latest beta version iOS update and it is also available for some beta testers.

To check if these features are available for your account, You need to enter an emoji in the text field of the chat.

But before checking you can download a cuppy sticker pack on your phone from the built-in sticker store and when it is downloaded you can check if this feature is available for your whatsapp account by typing an emoji in the text area.

It is expected that the sticker suggestion feature will be beneficial and time-saving as well. You can definitely follow us on Google News for such WhatsApp-related updates, tutorials, guides, and more.