Whatsapp keeps releasing new interesting features for its users. One of these is WhatsApp’s new privacy features, where users can hide their IP address when on calls. Let’s check the details and how it works.

You might have noticed a new privacy feature of WhatsApp called “silence unknown calls”, that launched recently. Where whatsapp will make your privacy better by detecting scams, spam calls and calls from unknown persons.

Similarly, WhatsApp is going to bring this new feature where you can hide your IP address. So that your location is not tracked during calls by any third person.

We know that more than millions of people are using whatsapp and therefore the target of scammers is whatsapp. Every day there are different ways and new methods of scamming.

To prevent all this, WhatsApp is going to launch this new feature, which can be seen in the WhatsApp beta for Android update.

According to WABetaInfo, with the help of this new feature, any unknown person or scammers can’t track your location during a WhatsApp call by routing the call through WhatsApp’s servers.

These new features will act as a privacy relay in the case of calling. That will make it difficult for people in the call to infer your location by securely relaying through WhatsApp servers,” says the report.

But one thing you should know is that calls are routed through WhatsApp’s servers, which encrypt and route the data. So this encryption process and routine process causes some latency which can affect your call quality.

This new hidden IP address feature of WhatsApp is designed to keep your location from being tracked while calling and protecting you from scammers.

You can check by the following methods if the features are available to you.

How to hide IP address during whatsapp call?

  • Open whatsapp.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select Privacy > Calls.
  • Enable the toggle button of “protect IP address on calls”.
Hide ip adress during call

No exact information has been shared as to when this new feature will be officially launched. But it is expected that you will see the feature very soon in future updates.

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