According to a report by WABetaInfo, Whatsapp is working on new text formatting tools that will enhance user experience and improve messaging capabilities. It will be released in the future update.

Earlier we knew that WhatsApp had basic text formatting tools, where we could send italics, bold, strikethrough, and monospace text format.

But now WhatsApp is going to launch a new text formatting tool to make its messaging apps more user-friendly and more special.

They are going to add three new features to this new text formatting tool which you will see in future updates.

WABetainfo shared a screenshot in one of its reports. Where it appears that whatsapp is really working on the new text formatting tool.

new text format in whatsapp

One of them is the code block: By this text format users can share codes in a different format, As shown in the screenshot. These features will be very useful for any programmer, or developer. Because they can easily share code snippets with their colleagues or friends instead of normal messaging.

The second text formatting tool is the quote feature: through this tool, you can share any quotes with your friends. Which will be shared in a quotes format. Will not share as normal text.

And the third formatting tool allows users to share any text with list items. As we make a list with bullet points.

Whatsapp is continuously working on innovating and expanding its capabilities. These new text formatting features will see in future updates across Android and iOS devices.

These features are still under development. Follow us on Google News to get the latest whatsapp related updates, latest technology updates, tutorials and more.