Whatsapp is continuously bringing new features to its users. An upcoming feature has surfaced which will see a major change in the design and looks.

Many of you might have received the bottom navigation bar update in WhatsApp. This time there is going to be a bigger UI change. Where you will see whatsapp in a new form. Let’s see what you will see in these new UI changes.

WAbetainfo shared in a report that WhatsApp is going to make more UI changes after the bottom navigation bar. The new UI features updated Material Design 3 UI elements. It will be found in the WhatsApp beta for the Android update.

WAbetainfo shared a screenshot where the top bar is completely white. And the UI elements in it are green, the same colour WhatsApp has used in its logo.

New UI on WhatsApp

And this new release shows that WhatsApp has also used a different font for its branding.

Moreover, you can see some chat filter options including All, unread, personal, and business, under the top bar to manage your conversation very nicely,

It can be very suitable for WhatsApp’s multi-account features.

So among the upcoming UI changes of WhatsApp, some more small updates can be seen such as the buttons in it are designed with round edges.

The report also suggests that similar changes could be seen for the iPhone as well in the latest WhatsApp beta for the iOS update.

So it is expected that WhatsApp is going to have the same UI design interface for iOS and Android devices.

The new WhatsApp interface with the White Top bar is still under development and will be made available to everyone in future updates.

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