Before Wider Global Launch, whatsapp is working to enhance the channel features that will make a better user experience.

According to a report by Wabetainfo, you can forward channel messages to other users. And now it is available to some limited users.

After introducing channel features to 7 more countries, whatsapp is working to improve it more before releasing it to more countries.

Whatsapp’s aim behind the channel features is to make a better user experience.

WhatsApp announced on their official channel that the user will be able to forward channel messages to others, and these features include some special enhancements that will help you to gain new followers.

WAbetainfo shared a screenshot, which describes that sharing channel messages with your friends and family is rolling out. Currently, this feature is available for some limited users. To check if this feature is available for you, simply open any channels and tap on the messages you want to forward. Now choose the forward icon to forward with others. As you use the message forward for other chats.

A new entry point will be added in the forward message about the channel, which means that if the recipient is interested, they can select the view channel and visit that channel if it is a public channel.

It is important to note that no specific date has been reported when this feature is available. Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg made the mention in the planning of the channel to introduce to other Countries in the Rest of the Year.

Forwarding messages features is available to some users. Who is using the latest version of whatsapp for Android and iOS. And in the coming days, it will be available for more users.

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