Whatsapp is rolling out voice chat features within groups like Telegram and Discord. Let’s find out what these features are and how they work.

Whatsapp group voice chat feature now allows users to use voice chat directly without calling the person in the group.

It has started rolling out to version update in the Google Play beta program.

WAbetainfo shared about the feature on its beta update program. Let’s see how this feature works.

If you are a beta tester of WhatsApp and have updated your WhatsApp to the latest version then you can see this feature.

WhatsApp rolling out voice chats features for groups | How it works

Where if you are using a whatsapp group, the user’s account and if the group is compatible with this feature then you will see a voice wave frame icon next to the group chat.

Whenever you tap on that icon, it will open a dedicated voice chat window. Any member of that group can join the voice chat at any time and start voice chatting.

If the voice chat is going empty or if no one joins the voice chat then it will be closed automatically after 60 minutes.

However, anyone can open a new voice chat at any time.

The report also states that this voice chat is compatible with certain groups. And currently, 32 participants can join. However, this configuration will depend on the user.

The main advantage of audio chats is that they allow you to start a call without ringing each participant’s phone.

Each group participant will receive a silent notification that a voice chat has been initiated and they will see a small thumbnail next to the group icon to indicate that a voice chat has been initiated within the group.

Like other features it will be also end-to-end encrypted, only participants can listen to their voice chats.

Those using the latest version of WhatsApp beta can get an update for this feature. And it will be available to more users in the upcoming few days. Moreover, some users may have received its update even in the stable version.

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