Recently whatsapp has launched its channel feature. Now whatsapp is adding some more updates to improve this feature.

A few days ago a report shared that users can reply to WhatsApp channels soon in the upcoming updates.

Currently, WAbetaInfo stated in a report that WhatsApp is working on another new update where users can manage channel media.

So let’s know what and how you can manage WhatsApp channel’s media with the help of this feature.

WAbetainfo shares a report that they found a new feature in the WhatsApp beta for Android update where it appears that WhatsApp is working on a new feature that has an option to automatically remove channel media within some period.

WAbetainfo also shared a screenshot showing that there are some options for when images and videos within whatsapp channels will be automatically removed from the device. Which the user can set according to his convenience.

Whatsapp adding features to manage channel media

The screenshot shows that right now whatsapp by default option is selected to never. Because WhatsApp doesn’t want to automatically delete channel media by default for now.

As a result, the channel’s media will continue to be stored on the user’s device over time and may create storage issues in the future.

So WhatsApp users must be able to select their preferred option after this update on how they want to delete channel media automatically or manually.

Whereas if you set a time limit, the media will be automatically deleted after that period.

As a result, users will get a separate control to customize the channel features.

After this update, users will be able to manage the media on their device very easily, i.e. they will have the option of automatically removing media without manually managing the media to free up storage space.

The report also suggests that it will likely be an individual setting, meaning you can turn this option on for one channel but turn it off for another.

The feature to automatically delete media from WhatsApp channels is still under development and will be made available to users in a future update of WhatsApp.

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