Automatic security code verification features are coming to WhatsApp to make chats more secure

WhatsApp is going to launch a new feature that is Automatic Security Code Verification to further protect privacy and chat on WhatsApp. Let’s take a look at how this feature works and when it will come in handy for you.

Earlier WhatsApp launched many new updates on privacy for its users. Such as account verification, email verification, device support, etc.

According to WAbetainfo another WhatsApp privacy update has been announced. Which is known as automatic security code verification.

WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot showing that WhatsApp has introduced a new revamped encryption verification screen. This feature has been made available to some beta testers which can be found on the Google Play Store in Android update.

Automatic security code verification

When this feature is available, the application will automatically verify the security code without user intervention to check if the message is end-to-end encrypted.

Technically this process is called Key Transparency. As a result, our privacy will be more secure and it will be known if we are using a secure connection or not.

You should also note that you can manually verify the security code if the automatic security code verification features are not working on your device.

These key transparency features will make it much faster and easier to check our end-to-end encryption privacy.

These features will come in handy in cases where traditional QR code and manual verification is complicated. That is, if a user wants to do end-to-end verification remotely, this automatic verification feature will come in handy.

WhatsApp’s new privacy update with automatic security code verification is available for some beta testers and in future updates, it will be available for everyone.

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