WhatsApp has been rolling out new updates consistently for a while to improve user experience and privacy.

Recently whatsapp has announced new features. Where whatsapp users can use an alternate profile. So let’s find out how you can improve your privacy using WhatsApp’s alternate profile.

According to a WAbetainfo post, WhatsApp is developing a new privacy feature that will allow users to use different profiles. This update is seen in the WhatsApp beta version for Android, which is currently accessible for select beta testers.

With the help of these alternate profile features users can hide their WhatsApp profile information.

Another new option can be found in the profile privacy section of Whatsapp where you can create a WhatsApp profile with your alternate profile photo and a different name.

Now, people who are not in the contact list will view your WhatsApp alternate profile if the privacy of your primary profile is set to contact list only.

You should also note that for the alternate profile, you will see the same features from your main WhatsApp profile area.

So in our opinion, these features will provide WhatsApp users with an extra level of security with the help of which they can keep their WhatsApp information in more control.

If capabilities like using WhatsApp usernames had been available sooner, these features would have worked more effectively.

Many of us keep our WhatsApp profile photos restricted from some of our contacts. So in this case they don’t see any profile photos only an avatar.

However, people can also view the alternate profile picture and name after creating an alternate WhatsApp profile.

In that case, you can easily hide your primary profile information.

This feature of WhatsApp is still under development and will be available in future updates of WhatsApp.

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