Whatsapp is working on a new search-by-date feature where users can select a specific date and quickly find what conversations they had on that date.

This feature is still under development and WhatsApp plans to release this feature on WhatsApp Web in the future.

WAbetainfo has shared a report that WhatsApp is working on a quick search feature where you can search for messages by selecting a date, although this feature is still under development but will be made available to some users in the future.

As usual, WAbetainfo shared a screenshot on their website that shows WhatsApp working on a calendar button. That will help the user to easily pick a date. That will make it much easier for that user to know their conversation on that specific date.

These features were released in the iOS app and WhatsApp is going to release the same features for the web client in the future update of the app to improve the user experience.

Advantages of search messages by date features

This new feature of WhatsApp will be handy for users if they want to search for some of their old conversations on a specific date.

These date-based search features allow users to quickly search for which messages they shared on that specific date.

This will not only save time but also reduce the frustration of scrambling to find old messages.

WhatsApp’s search message by date feature is still under development and will be released in future updates of WhatsApp Web.

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