Whatsapp has announced a new feature for Android phones where Android users can log in using a passkey.

WAbetainfo shared a report that users can log in using Passkey in addition to traditional verification to log in to WhatsApp. Which will be faster and get rid of all the problems faced during the traditional login process.

Let’s know in detail what these features are and how it is beneficial for us.

Passkey is another way to access WhatsApp These new features of Whatsapp will come in handy when you face various problems during login to WhatsApp like not being able to verify by SMS or call.

Passkey can be made by the combination of number or character that authorizes the device for your identity verification.

In this passkey feature of Whatsapp, you can use your biometric information like a fingerprint, face lock, or PIN for your identity verification on the device.

When you use the passkey during login, it will be safely saved in Google Password Manager. Next time if you want to log in to WhatsApp, it will be automatically verified.

Moreover, this method will give you an extra layer of security to log in quickly and safely.

Now you may have a question in your mind the password manager safely store my passkey?

Of course, because Google Password Manager has created an exextra-level security system to manage your password or pass passkey.

It is not possible to view the password from Google Password Manager with any unauthorized access or without your identity verification.

Whatsapp pass key feature is currently rolling out, you can follow the below steps to know if this feature is available on your device.

How to turn on the features on WhatsApp?

First open WhatsApp > then tap on the three-dot icon and go to the settings option > select account > Here you will see a new entry passkey tap there and you can set the passkey.

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