A few days ago whatsapp launched chat lock features and recently an update revealed that WhatsApp is working on secret code creation features to make it more secure.

WAbetainfo shared on a report that WhatsApp is working on a new feature where users will be able to choose a custom password to protect their locked chat folders. That will provide a different level of security.

A screenshot shared by WAbetainfo also reveals that WhatsApp is developing a new page where users may generate a secret code to secure their chat folders.

whatsapp working on secret codes features

Especially using this secret code, users can also easily find locked chats in the search bar of the application.

After configuring this secret code users can use the chat lock option on their companion device as well.

It is also mentioned in the screenshot where whatsapp suggests using a word or a simple emoji as a secret code for quick access.

It is expected that these features can go in a positive direction. Over the last few months, some users have reported that they are unable to use the Lock Chat feature on their companion devices.

The companion device may not support authentication features to lock chats.

But with the help of this secret code feature, users can easily use the chat lock features across all their linking devices. That will definitely improve the user experience a lot.

Secret code creation features for Lock Chat are still under development and will be available in future updates of WhatsApp. For the most recent Whatsapp updates, tech news, tutorials, and more, follow us on Google News.