WhatsApp is working on a new update. Reports suggest that WhatsApp is working on a new feature to hide locked chats and that will be available in future updates of the app.

A few days ago whatsapp announced a feature that allows you to protect locked chat using a secret code. Now to improve these features WhatsApp brings another update related to lock chat.

WAbetainfo has reported in an article that WhatsApp is working on another new feature for locked chats, which is available in the Android beta update.

It has been seen that WhatsApp is developing a new option where users can hide their locked chats. Let’s know how this feature works and how much more it will secure your privacy.

As usual, WAbetainfo has shared a screenshot showing that a new option has been added to the chat lock settings, “hide locked chats“.

Currently, if a user locks their chat it will be visible on their chat list. As a result, if another user accesses your phone, they can guess that you have locked conversations.

But the feature that WhatsApp is currently working on if it is enabled will allow users to hide Lock Conversation chats within the chat list. When they enter the secret code in the search bar, the list of locked chats will appear in front of them and they can access it.

However, if the feature WhatsApp is developing is made available, then users can easily hide locked chats within the chat list. The list of locked chats will be displayed in front of the users when they input the secret code in the search bar, and they can access it.

The actual purpose of this feature is to provide improved privacy to the user by integrating LockChat with secret code features.

Many users may have sensitive or confidential conversations and if they want to avoid spying, this feature will be very useful for them. Because they can hide and keep the chat locked within the chat list. If someone else has access to your phone they won’t understand that you have locked a chat which definitely improves our privacy a lot.

This new development hide locked chats feature of Whatsapp is still under development and it will be available in the future update of the app.

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