WhatsApp is a popular messaging app where you can use many interesting features. Whatsapp is working on a new feature to enhance its user experience and benefit its users.

WAbetainfo reported that WhatsApp is working on a new feature to maintain the quality of photos and videos where these media can be shared as documents. That was seen in the WhatsApp beta iOS update.

So let’s know how these features will help us.

With these new features, when you tap on the attachment icon and select the document option, you will see two options: Choose files and choose photos and videos. A notification will also appear that “Send original files up to 2GB.

So it’s clear that by using this new option WhatsApp users can easily share their original quality photos or videos. There will be no compression or quality loss of that media.

Earlier, we had to access the file manager to send a photo or video as a document on WhatsApp, but now with these features, WhatsApp makes it a dedicated option in the attachment menu.

This media sharing improvement of WhatsApp will be very helpful for the users because they do not need to use any other application to share any media, they can directly share the original media from WhatsApp.

This new feature of WhatsApp will be available for iOS users and currently, this feature is available for some limited users.

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