How to bypass YouTube adblock detection

YouTube is notifying users to disable ad blockers on its site. And offers for premium subscription to watch ads free video.

Recently YouTube released an update that made it difficult to bypass the ad block detection in YouTube.

Here I share some methods to bypass YouTube adblock detection. While none are 100% effective, they give you a fighting chance.

When you use Reading Mode, it blocks any JavaScript from running on the site you visit. So there is a chance to bypass adblock detection.

Use reading mode on your browser

Click on three dots > Settings > Privacy and security > Site settings > JavaScript > Add the URL ( under the Not allowed to use Javascript section.

Disable JavaScript

You have to enable your adblocker extension to work in incognito mode. Go to the extension section and enable "Allow in incognito mode".

Use incognito mode

Also if you want you can use an undetectable ad blocker for youtube.