How to find windows 10 product key

Want to know your existing windows product key? Is it possible? Here are all the details.

Before, the product key was stored on a sticker on the back of the laptop. But now Microsoft has changed this sticker to a Windows logo. And embed the product into the system's BIOS.

The actual reason for this change by Microsoft is that the sticker fades when your laptop is used a lot.

But there are some methods you can try like using cmd or any other product key finder tool.

Open cmd > Paste the code "wmic path softwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey" > Hit Enter. You will find your product key. If this method does not work try next.

Download showkeyplus software and run it. You will able to see the product key. It's totally free to use.

Keep in mind all the above methods work if your PC or laptop contains a preactivated key when you buy it.