6 Free Ways On How To Screenshot On Windows

Do you want to take screenshots on your Windows laptop or computer? But don't know the methods. Don't worry! here I will tell you the free steps on how to take screenshots on windows.

Open the window you want to take a screenshot > Press the PrtSc key > open MSPaint> press Ctrl + V > save it. It will take the whole screen screenshot.

1) Using prtsc Key

If you open more than one window and want to take a screenshot of the active windows only, then press Alt + PrtSc key together. And follow the same process to save the screenshot.

2) Active Window Screenshot (Alt + PrtSc)

Press the windows key + shift + s key together. Now select the portion you want to take a screenshot. Now paste it into MS Paint and save it.

3) Using Snip & Sketch

Open the snipping tool from the start menu. click on New and select the area where you want to take a screenshot.

4) Using snipping tool

Press windows + G key. Now click on the camera icon to screenshot. It will automatically save to the Videos > captures folder.

5) Use the game Bar

Press the windows + PrtSc keys together. Your screen will dim for a while. The entire screenshot will be saved to the pictures > screenshots folder autometically.

6) Try the windows + PrtSc key