is whatsapp safe to send private pictures 2024

By: Techsukhen

If you check WhatsApp’s privacy policy, one thing is clear it is safe to send private photos. But there is a condition. Let me discuss the situation.

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption features to protect your data. In the end-to-end encryption process, if you share a photo it is directly received by the receiver.

That means only you and that person can view the photo. Even your photo doesn't Store on the WhatsApp server.

But for some rare cases, your photo or images can be stored on WhatsApp’s server if the receiver didn't see the message or internet connectivity problem.

After 30 days it will deleted automatically. That means you can share private photos through WhatsApp and it is safe technically.

But wait! Have you ever thought that your recipient can misuse your photos? Even if you share your private photos as a view once mode.

Because they can use another phone to capture your private photos. Also, there are many ways they can take a copy of your private photos.

So in that case it's not safe to share private photos with strangers. In our opinion use whatsapp as a simple messenger app. Don't share any personal photos or messages. Which will keep you secure.