My WhatsApp turned green why? FIX!

By: Techsukhen

Many of you may have seen that the WhatsApp UI has completely changed and the colour has also changed to green.

Image credit: WAbetainfo

Because of this, many of you may be worried about why such sudden changes. So there is no reason to worry, today I will tell you what is the main reason behind it.

Whatsapp is going to launch a new interface for Android and iPhone users. You will see this change mostly for iPhone and this update for Android is already rolling out.

As a result of this revamped interface, you will see a modern and fresh look on WhatsApp which will be easily accessible and very easy to use.

Also, you will see different changes and a different look in the logo colour, size and different types of buttons.

Image credit: WAbetainfo

On Android devices, you will see more dark for dark mode and more white space for light mode for easy text reading.

Moreover, you will see the whatsapp logo, search, and profile button at the top and the tab that was at the top can be seen at the bottom.

Image credit: WAbetainfo

There is no reason to worry after seeing these new changes to WhatsApp, it is an official update and you must let us know how you like this new interface and changes to WhatsApp.