Nvidia partners with Reliance and Tata to develop AI india

US chipmaker Nvidia announced separate partnerships with Reliance and Tata group. To develop AI-powered supercomputers, AI clouds, and generative AI applications.

Jio Platforms of Reliance, would develop a framework for generative AI deployment in local languages, while Tata Communications Ltd will construct an AI cloud for its customers.

According to Jio Platforms, the cooperation would work "to develop India's own foundational large language model (LLM) trained on diverse languages."

Tata Communications is going to set up an AI cloud that it will then use an infrastructure-as-a-service business model to provide to its customers.

A remote computing platform designed exclusively for the development and execution of AI applications is known as an AI cloud.  It will be run on the GH200 AI chip from Nvidia. The same chip will also be used by Jio's AI infrastructure.

TCS will also build its own AI infrastructure in partnership with Nvidia’s on-cloud compute access. To create generative AI applications for its clients.

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