The Autograph that Changed Cricket Forever: Sachin vs. Brad Hogg

In 2007, Brad Hogg bowled Sachin Tendulkar and received an autograph that changed his cricket career.

October 5, 2007 - Sachin Tendulkar faces Brad Hogg in an ODI match in Hyderabad.

Despite Yuvraj Singh's century, Team India faces a 47-run defeat in the match.

Brad Hogg approaches Sachin Tendulkar for an autograph after dismissing him.

"This Will Never Happen Again" - Sachin writes a powerful message in the autograph. Hogg was not too serious about that message. However, Sachin took this very seriously. He succeeded with his promise.

After that match, Brad Hogg could never get Sachin Tendulkar out. Sachin and Hogg faced up against one another 17 times. However, Hogg was never able to Sachin Tendulkar out.

In a interview, Hogg said it was worth a bit. It is an honor to play with a player like Sachin Tendulkar. Bowling is a great experience for him.