SK Hynix Develops World's Fastest HBM3E DRAM Memory for AI Industry

The Chinese chip maker has unveiled its latest HBM3E DRAM. Which is going to be an ultra high performance memory.

Samples have already been distributed to customers for performance verification and mass production starts in the first half of next year.

HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) refers to a stack of multiple dram chips arranged vertically which greatly increases data processing speed.

SK Hynix commented on the release, "As the exclusive manufacturer of HBM3, our development of the world's most superior HBM3E showcases our deep expertise and commitment to leading the AI memory market."

The HBM3E is capable of an astonishing data processing speed of 1.15 terabytes per second. That means it can handle 230 Full High-Definition (FHD) movies in just one second, each 5GB in size.

In addition to its high speed performance, it features advanced MR-MUF technology, which increases heat dissipation by a significant 10% compared to its previous generation.

HBM3E is designed with backward compatibility allowing users to integrate HBM3E into existing HBM3 based systems without any design changes.