WhatsApp is reportedly working on cross-platform messaging (support third-party chats)

According to WAbetainfo, a new update of Whatsapp is coming where whatsapp will work with other third-party messaging apps. It is still under development.

With this new update of WhatsApp, you can send messages from WhatsApp to Telegram and Signal apps.

The European Union's Digital Markets Act recognizes meta as a 'gatekeeper'. Moreover, it is also mandatory that Meta will give its users the option of chatting with other apps by March 2024. WhatsApp to Telegram and Signal apps.

These features allow any WhatsApp user to send messages to Telegram and Signal apps even if they don't have an account. Same Telegram and Signal users can send messages on WhatsApp without installing WhatsApp.

Messages from other apps will be shown in a separate section within WhatsApp and this feature is still under development.

It is expected that this new update of WhatsApp will be available for the European Union and no official information has been shared as to when it will be available in other countries.