There is another good news for those who use companion mode on WhatsApp.

Those who use WhatsApp on other devices in companion mode must know that there are some limitations when using whatsapp.

Earlier using companion mode on WhatsApp could not share WhatsApp status from the secondary device.

But WhatsApp is going to launch this feature in its new update. which has been made available to some beta testers.

WAbetainfo reported in a report that it will be possible to update whatsapp status in companion mode, which is currently available to some beta testers.

This new feature has been launched in Whatsapp’s latest beta update for Android update.

WAbetainfo online report also shared a demo video showing that this status update feature has been enabled for companion devices with the latest update of WhatsApp.

As a result, users can easily share audio, video, images, or gifs as statuses from any secondary device without using their primary device.

As a result of this new feature of Whatsapp, users will not only be able to update status, but they will also be able to share status from any device without having to use their primary device without any hassle.

This new status update feature of WhatsApp is currently available to some beta testers and will be available to more users in the future. You can definitely follow us on Google News to get Whatsapp related updates, tutorials, guides, etc.