How to get synonyms on Microsoft word

how to get synonyms on Microsoft word

Hello friends, I hope everyone is well. Today I am back with an interesting topic. Today I will tell you how to get synonyms on Microsoft word or about to thesaurus features of MS word.

Many of us are probably using the internet to find out the synonym of any word. But did you know that you can find out the synonyms of any word offline using Microsoft Word?

Yes friends it is possible. So today I came up with the hidden features of Microsoft Word. These features of Microsoft Word are known as thesaurus. With the help of which you can find the synonyms of any word without the help of the internet.

How will these thesaurus features of Microsoft Word help you?

Friends, if you are a content writer and you are a beginner, it will be very useful for you. You can make your writing more beautiful by using thesaurus features.

Many times when writing content there is a problem with similar words. In that case, you can avoid this problem by using the thesaurus features of Microsoft Word.

I hope you are very interested in how to get synonyms on Microsoft word. Then follow the guide given below and read the article at the end to know the whole subject properly.

How to get synonyms on Microsoft word

Friends, I will show you two ways to extract synonyms from Microsoft Word. Whichever way you think is easier, you will use it.

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Method 1:

  • First, Run Microsoft Word from your computer.
  • Then write an article.
  • Once the article is written, select any word whose synonym you want to find out.
how to get synonyms on Microsoft word

  • Then right-click on that word and select Synonyms.
  • Now you will find the synonyms of that word.

Method 2:

  • Open Microsoft Word first as in the first method and write the article of your choice.
how to get synonyms on Microsoft word

  • Then you select the Review tab from Microsoft Word’s menu bar.
  • After selecting the Review tab, select the word from your article to get synonyms.
how to get synonyms on Microsoft word

  • Now you will see thesaurus at the top left. Just click on it.
how to get synonyms on Microsoft word

  • As soon as you click, the thesaurus panel opens on the right side and you will see the synonym of the word there. Also, you can use (shift + F7) shortcut to open thesaurus directly.

If you want to see the synonym of another word, first select the word and click on thesaurus(Shift + F7).

Final word

So, friends, this was today’s topic on how to get synonyms on Microsoft word. I hope you find this process very useful and enjoy yourself! Maybe a lot of friends knew it previously. If yes, please comment below.

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