Proven tips on how to track lost mobile with IMEI number easily

If your phone is lost or stolen then there are a lot of problems. Because the phone contains a lot of our personal information, photos, banking information, and much more. For that smartphone is very important in our life.

When our phone going stolen then we have many questions on our minds that how to track lost mobile with an IMEI number. Also how to locate a lost cell phone that is turned off with an IMEI number.

But at that time we could not make any right decision. But friends in today’s article I will tell you exactly what are the ways to get your phone back in this situation.

If you forget your phone after putting somewhere, then also you can easily track your smartphone. So what is the method? To know more stay with me till the end of this article.

There are many ways to find out about your lost mobile. But I will tell you genuine methods so that you can easily find your lost mobile. Before going to the main topic I want to clarify some things about mobile tracking.

First of all, let me tell you what settings should be kept in a phone that will help you in the future if the phone is lost or stolen.

If you made these settings to your smartphone then you can find your smartphone. Either you need to follow the IMEI tracker process which I discuss below.

Below is the list of some settings, you must do it now for your new or existing smartphone.

  1. Strong password

Yes, friends, you should have a strong password on your phone. Which is not very easily accessible.

Many people use easily guessable passwords like four times zero or four times one. In that case, if your phone is lost, it can be easily accessible and misused.

Nowadays almost all phones have fingerprint lock, pattern lock and face unlock features. Make sure you use a complicated pattern lock and also use a fingerprint lock. Fingerprint Lock provides extra-label security for your phone.

Also, you can use face unlock, but face unlock does not give too much security. This is because the phone’s dedicated front camera is usually used for face unlock.

Which can be unlocked with your photo from any social media. So make sure that your mobile is not unlocked by any social media photos.

But friends if you use an iPhone or any smartphone where a dedicated sensor is used for face unlock then you can use the face unlock feature.

  1. Enable Find my device

Yes, friends, you need to go to the settings of your smartphone and enable find my device. If you use an Android smartphone then you need to enable find my device from advanced settings or if you use iPhone then you need to enable find my iPhone from settings.

Enabling these settings means that if your phone’s GPS is on and connected to the internet then it is connected to the Google server. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can access your phone remotely.

By chance, if your mobile’s data connection is turned off and connected to the Internet in the future, you can still get a lot of information from your phone. So be sure to keep the find my device settings enabled on your smartphone.

  1. Keep backup

Yes, friends, you must keep a backup of your phone from time to time. If you use iPhone then you will get the iCloud option and if you use Android then you will get the Google backup option.

With this backup, you can keep your phone contacts, photos as well as a backup of various applications’ data. Even if your Whatsapp chat is very important, you can keep a weekly backup to your Google account. The more you back up, the safer you will be.

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If your phone is broken, lost, or stolen for any reason, your important data will not be lost. If you buy a new phone, you will get all your old data from this backup. So of course keep a backup from time to time.

  1. Note IMEI number

Well IMEI no is a unique no of the phone by which it is possible to track your phone. If your phone is lost and someone changes your old SIM card using the new SIM card, it is still possible to track your phone.

You can get the IMEI number in your phone box or on the bill. And if not, there is a very simple method. Go into the dialer of the phone and dial * # 06 #. Then you will get the IMEI no of your phone.

How to find lost mobile?

Now let’s come to the main topic. How to track if your phone is lost or stolen. If you do not have IMEI no then how to find IMEI no and how to find a lost phone? So read this article till the end to know more about this topic.

What to do first if your phone is lost or stolen? For this, we will talk about two things. First what to do if your phone is a feature phone or what to do if you use a smartphone.

What should I do if I lose a normal or feature phone?

Friends, if you use a normal phone or feature phone and it is stolen, then you can’t do much. Just file an FIR at the police station with the IMEI no of your phone.

And then you can take a copy of the FIR and get a duplicate SIM with an existing phone number from your mobile phone operator.

You can also request to block your IMEI no. Then the mobile operator will block your IMEI no or put it in surveillance mode.

This will show a notification if the person who stole your phone is connected to another network. You can find the phone if the police want.

What to do if you use a smartphone?

Friends now if you use a smartphone and your phone is lost or stolen then should you go to the police first? No friends, if you use a smartphone and forget where you put your phone or stolen, then you can find your phone yourself without going to the police station. The step-by-step method is described below.

Login to the device manager website

First, you need to open the device manager website from your laptop or any other smartphone. If you use Android then open If you use iPhone then open the website. Then log in with the lost phone’s Gmail address or Apple ID.

all option

Track Location Directly

After login, you will get many options. First, you can directly track the GPS location of your lost phone if your phone’s GPS is on and connected to the internet. If you are lucky you can get the phone. So try it first.

Ring your phone even if it is silent

Here is also another option to find your phone by playing a sound. If your phone is in silent mode or vibrate mode, then you can click on the ring option and your phone will start ringing at full volume.

If you forget or can’t find the phone around you, then you can easily get it through the ring option. But your phone must be connected to the Internet.

Lock your phone

If you think that your phone is in a place where it is not easily accessible or the chances of getting is very less then you can lock your phone with the lock option.

As a result, no one can easily access your phone’s data. When you lock your phone, you can also send a message with your contact number on the lock screen. As a result, if an honest person finds your phone, you can get it.

Erase your phone

If you think you may or may not get your phone, you can erase your phone’s data. If your mobile contains very important information or data that can fall you in big trouble if leaked, then the best option is to erase the phone.

Erasing your mobile will wipe out all the data on your phone. You will get this option on both Android and iPhone.

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How do you get an IMEI number if you don’t have it?

Now if you don’t get your phone and you don’t have the IMEI number of your lost Android phone then how do you find out your phone’s IMEI number?

how to track lost mobile with imei number easily

First, log in to the official website of your phone’s operating system. Which I have already discussed before in how to find lost mobile.

After login, you will get the IMEI number of your phone shown in the picture. Just you have to log in with your email address on any smartphone or laptop.

Then you can find your all smartphone’s IMEI numbers easily. Now if you use an iPhone and have a backup of your phone, you will find the IMEI number also of your iPhone from iCloud.

Now you are thinking that If it is not possible to do more with the IMEI number so why it is for? Friends IMEI number is International Mobile Equipment Identity which is a unique 15-word number.

And it is present in all mobile phones or smartphones to get the identity of your phone.

Also, with this IMEI number, the mobile operator can block the IMEI number of your phone. So that it cannot be connected to any network later.

Is it possible to change the IMEI number?

Yes, it is possible to change the IMEI number. It is usually legal to change the IMEI number in some countries but illegal in some countries also.

Usually, the IMEI number can be changed through the flashing process. Also if your phone is rooted then it is possible to change the IMEI number very easily.

How to track lost mobile with an IMEI number?

Many friends may have searched on the internet after losing their phone to find out how to track lost mobile with an IMEI number.

In that case, let me tell you one thing you can’t track your lost phone with the IMEI number. Because this authority does not exist for any ordinary person.

If this authority was with everyone then anyone would try to harm someone else by tracking the location.

This is exactly why tracking authority does not belong to any ordinary person. Usually, this authority is given to the police or a high-class person for the benefit of others.

If you want to find your lost phone then try from the official website of Android or iPhone which I have already discussed before.

After that, if you do not find your lost phone, then contact with police. There are many chances to get your phone back.

How to locate a lost cell phone that is turned off?

We usually make a call on our lost phone. But the result came out switched off. Then you may be wondering how to locate a lost cell phone that is turned off.

So let me tell you that it is not possible to track the switch off the mobile. Yes, you can get the last location of your device from the Android device manager location history or from Find My iPhone. You can track your phone only if your phone is switched on.

Now you may be wondering how the police track the phone with the IMEI number. If you lose your phone, you make an FIR with your lost mobile’s IMEI number. Then the police send your IMEI number to the cybersecurity or cellular network provider.

After that, the SIM card network provider puts your IMEI number in surveillance mode. When your mobile is connected to a network, a notification comes to the network provider. They send it to the police. If any other SIM card is used in your stolen mobile, it is also possible to track it with the IMEI number.

Now if the police search your phone with full effort, then you must get your lost phone.


So friends this is the solution, how to find lost mobile. If your phone gets lost or forgotten somewhere then you can follow these steps to get your phone back depending on your luck.

But if your phone is stolen, then you need to follow the police procedure. If any of your acquaintances work for a cyber-security or network provider company, you can take their help.

But if you do not have any of these ways, then you should try with the help of find my device. In this case, the chances of getting your phone back are very low. But you can erase important information or data from your phone by following this method.

And yes, you must enable the important settings of your phone. Which will help you if you lose your phone. I hope you like this information so please comment below and give your opinion.

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