If someone taps on the reply button instead of picking up the call, a message box will open directly in front of that user. Where the users can send a direct message.

Recently, WhatsApp has introduced a number of new updates and features, including one that has become known as “reply with a massage.”

When a user calls on WhatsApp, a reply button will be visible in that notification, which is currently available for some beta testers.

The company has said in a report that these features will be rolled out to more people in the coming days.

According to a report by WAbetainfo, this feature allows the user to reject the call and leave a message at the same time.

According to the report, WhatsApp will display a reply button in the call notification when you recieved an incoming call.

"Reply with message" If you can't pick up a call on WhatsApp, you can send a message directly

Instead of answering the call, a user can quickly send a message by selecting the reply option, which causes the call to be automatically declined.

These functions may be helpful in some situations, such as when you are in a conference or otherwise unable to answer the phone. And you can immediately send a message in response.

Additionally, you must be aware of WhatsApp’s new feature that allows you to sign in across multiple devices.

This upgrade allows WhatsApp users to sign in to 4 additional devices simultaneously.

The company has stated that the global rollout of these features has started and that everyone will have access to these features in the upcoming weeks.

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