You can now use the standalone WhatsApp application on all those smartphones that have Google Wear OS 3 or upper version.
Let’s know what features you can use in the whatsapp application?
This app was announced at Google I/O in May. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of the WhatsApp app for Wear OS 3.
With this standalone version of WhatsApp app, users will able to send or receive messages, send voice messages and send emojis from directly from their wrist.
This standalone WhatsApp application supported on all those smartwatches that have Google Wear OS 3 or upper version.
Now you can use whatsapp within the smartwatch running Wear OS 3 | Find out what features you can use
You can use those features from your smartwatch, i describe below:
According to the report, WhatsApp users will be able to listen and send the voice message by recording directly from their smartwatch.
If your smartwatch has cellular connectivity or e-sim features, then you can use the WhatsApp application on your smartwatch without your phone.
Even if your phone is switched off, you can send and receive messages on WhatsApp from your smartwatch.
WhatsApp on the smartwatch will also support quick reply futures. Because typing on a smart watch than a smartphone is very inconvenient and time consuming.
So there will be some in-built quick replies like ok, fine, thank you, etc. By using them, you can quickly reply very easily.
Apart from all this, you will get features like emoji reaction, chat mute, image preview features from this standalone version of WhatsApp.
It is expected that with all these updated features, using WhatsApp on a smartwatch will be very easy and time saving.
Even if you can’t use your smartphone anywhere, you can easily use WhatsApp using your smartwatch.
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