[YouTube dark mode] how to turn on desktop or mobile
Youtube dark mode


Friends, many of you know that YouTube is the most popular and largest video platform in the world. Where many of us spend a lot of time to watch videos for entertainment or learning.
For this reason, we need to spend more time on computer screen or mobile screen. Which can harm our eyes. That’s why today I will tell you how to enable YouTube dark mode.
Friends by using dark mode on YouTube it will change the default background from white to black. Which will help you to save your battery life and reduce eye strain.
Also, when we watch YouTube videos at night, bright white light directly hits on our eyes from the loading screen of YouTube. Which is very annoying after a while.
So try to use dark mode if you want to enhance your viewing experience. Dark Mode features are now available on almost all popular websites, apps, and social media sites.
Follow the below step-by-step guide to activate dark theme on youtube for both desktop browser and iPhone or android YouTube mobile app.

How to enable youtube dark mode for pc?

[YouTube dark mode] how to turn on desktop or mobile


  • First, open youtube on google chrome or any other web browser on your Windows 10 pc.
  • Now tap on the profile icon (if you sign-in) and select Appearance.
  • You will find three options, just choose the second option Dark theme.

Youtube dark theme without signing in

[YouTube dark mode] how to turn on desktop or mobile
  • Open youtube on your browser.
  • Tap on the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the screen and select Appearance.
  • Now select Dark theme.

youtube dark mode android

[YouTube dark mode] how to turn on desktop or mobile


  • First, open youtube apps from your android device and tap on the user icon.
  • Now select settings > General.
  • You will find many options. Just choose Appearance.
  • Now select the last option to turn on  Dark theme.

youtube dark mode ios

  • Download and open the youtube mobile app for iPhone.
  • Now tap on the user icon.
  • Tap settings > Appearance.
  • Choose Dark theme.

FAQ’s on youtube dark mode

Friends below are some questions related to dark mode on youtube. That many peoples are searching for their answer. So I added them in this article for my readers. 

Q1. Is there a dark mode for YouTube on PC?

Yes, friend now dark mode also available on pc. to enable dark mode just tap on your user account > Appearance > Dark theme.

Q2. does youtube dark theme save battery?

Yes, friend youtube dark theme saves your battery. Because Dark pixel consumes less data than the white pixels.

Q3. does youtube support dark mode?

Yes, friend now youtube supports dark mode on the youtube app and web browser on windows 10, android, and ios.

Final Word

Friends, I think you like this guide. So try to use youtube dark mode and protect your eyes. Also, try to use dark theme where you can. Because it will help to save your battery life.
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