The Truth and secrets About What Is Gb Whatsapp?

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp developed with new features. Which you will not find on the official WhatsApp.

Friends, in today’s article I will discuss all the features of GBWhatsApp and what is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a modified application built from the source code of the official WhatsApp. These apps have been developed with some handy and interesting features other than the official WhatsApp. GbwhatsApp is developed by a developer named Omar.

Why would you use GB WhatsApp?

Friends, a lot of people ask this question why I use GB WhatsApp. Isn’t the official WhatsApp enough?

Official WhatsApp is enough for those people who are satisfied with all these features like sharing messages, documents, or video calling and voice calling.

But who want more features in WhatsApp like theme change, icon change, hide online status, and many more then GBwhatsApp Messenger is essential for those people.

Below I have discussed some of the reasons why you might find it interesting to use GB WhatsApp.

Reasons why you choose GBwhatApp

1. No limitation

You can use all the features of WhatsApp without any limit. Also, You can use more than 35 characters in the group name you created

2. Send Large Files

You can share any large file which is not possible on the official WhatsApp.

3. Customization

Change the theme and icon of your choice by using GB WhatsApp.

4. Restore deleted message

You have mistakenly deleted your important message. Don’t worry! GB WhatsApp allows you to restore it.

5. Add more stickers

You can add more stickers from the Google Play store in GBwhatsapp chat.

In addition to these, GB WhatsApp provides you with some other features related to privacy.

6. Hide online status

Don’t want to share your online activity with your friends? You can hide your online status by using this app.

7. Hide read Receipt

You will read your friends’ messages but they will not know it. Yes, it’s possible. You need to use read receipt features. For a detailed guide, you can check how to disable blue tick on WhatsApp?

8. Hide typing status

Your friend sees the typing status when you type a message in your chat. If you want to hide it then GB WhatsApp provides this feature.

9. Hide recording status

You can also hide your recording status.

10. Hide the last view

You can also hide your online activity on GBwhatsapp from your friends. 

11. Allow auto-reply

If you are busy and no time to reply then you can use auto-reply features. You need to set the answers to some questions in advance. When a friend asks you that question in a chat, the reply will be automatically delivered from your account.

12. Enable DND mode

If you going irritated by the notification from groups or chats. Then you can use DND mode.

Have you ever thought about why GBwhatsApp gives you all the features for free? that official WhatsApp doesn’t provide. You can check Is GB WhatsApp safe to use and its disadvantages?

Final word

What is GB WhatsApp? I think now you got an idea about GB WhatsApp. If you want more features on your WhatsApp then try GBWhatsApp.

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