You would like to remove the emoji keyboard from your Xiaomi phone, but you are unaware of how to uninstall emoji keyboard Xiaomi.

There are a lot of pre-installed applications on Xiaomi devices we don’t use. They occupy a lot of storage on our phones. This is the reason we want to remove unwanted apps to clear out our storage space.

You may be thinking that the emoji keyboard is a pre-installed application, and if you want to uninstall it, you’ll need to root your phone or use third-party software.

But don’t worry! I am here. In order to solve all of your concerns, I will explain in this article how to delete emoji keyboard without having to root your phone or use a third-party app like ADB.

Yes, friends you can do it easily from your phone. For that, you need to use some hidden tricks. What I share in this article:

How to uninstall emoji keyboard Xiaomi

  • First, open Playstore from your Xiaomi mobile (must enable your internet connection).
  • Tap on the profile icon and choose Help and Feedback.
  • Now tap on Delete or disable apps on Android.
  • Scroll down and Tap on “Tap to go to Application Settings” below to delete the apps that you installed.
  • It will redirect to App info. Scroll down and find Emoji Keyboard.
  • Tap on the Emoji keyboard.
  • Then choose Uninstall.
  • Now tap on OK to confirm. Your emoji keyboard app uninstalls successfully.
how to uninstall emoji keyboard Xiaomi

Facemoji Keyboard for Xiaomi safe or not?

Facemoji is a pre-installed application on Xiaomi. I check that it was working on my device without any permission. That means it’s quite safe but not totally. But I don’t want to use this keyboard without granting any permission. And I also recommend you don’t use any third-party keyboard for extra features.

If you use the face emoji keyboard then you must check What permissions have been granted? If you found that it wants full access to your phone permission, then there may be some risk. Because after being granted full access to your phone developer can record, and transmit everything you type including your password.

Final word

In this guide, you will learn how to uninstall emoji keyboard Xiaomi. I hope it helps you a lot. Because by following this article you uninstall your face emoji keyboard without rooting your device.

If you face any problems or don’t understand any steps then you must comment below. I must reply to you with a solution. Don’t forget to share this article with your social media friends. And support Techsukhen.