In today’s step-by-step guide tutorial we will discuss how to remove Google account from android phone.

How to remove google account from android and iPhone

What to do if you want to sell your phone or if you have many Google accounts registered on your phone but want to remove one of the email accounts?

Login in with our google accounts to our android device making it incredibly easy to sync and store our data in the cloud.

If you don’t log in with your Google account on your Android device, you won’t be able to download or update apps from the Play Store, access email, can’t create contact backups, and many others. This is why, to get the full Android device experience, you must sign in with a Google account.

In the future, you should erase your vital data from your phone if you plan to sell it. And the most important data of an Android phone is saved by your email account like your contact list, personal mail, google drive files, and many more.

Now the question is what happens to your Android phone once you delete your Google account? And what are the steps to remove your Google account from your android device?

What happens if you delete the primary Google account from your phone?

  • Removing a Google Account from your phone will stop accessing all Google apps on the phone.
  • Additionally, access to all the data in that Google account, including the calendar, photographs, and email files, will be stopped.
  • Also, you cannot access Playstore on your phone to install or update any apps.
  • You cannot use the extra features of Android phones such as Nearby Share, Google Find My Device, etc.

How to Remove Google Account from Android Device

  1. Open the Settings option from your Android device.
  2. Then tap on the Passwords and Accounts option.
  3. Then under the Accounts section, you will see a list of all Google Accounts signed in to your phone. Tap on the email account you want to remove.
  4. Tap on the remove account.
  5. A popup confirmation message will appear to remove your Google account, tap the Remove Account option again.
  6. Now the selected Google account will be completely removed from your device. 
How to remove google account from android and iPhone

How to remove google account from android phone with factory reset (All accounts)?

You can remove your Google account one by one with the above methods. But if you want to sell your phone, there are many more essential data along with the Google account.

In this situation, you have the option of performing a factory reset to delete all data from your Android smartphone, including all Google accounts. Here’s how:
  1. First, open the Settings app.
  2. Then go to system options and select the reset options.
  3. Here you will see three options out of which tap on erase all data.
  4. Then tap erase all data again for confirmation.
  5. Continue with a pattern or pin for security reasons.
  6. It will take some time and then your mobile will completely wipe out. Like the one, you got when buying a new phone.
How to remove google account from android and iPhone

How to remove google account from iPhone?

  • Open settings from your iPhone.
  • Now go to password & accounts.
  • Now tap on Gmail.
  • you will see your accounts. Simply click on Delete Accounts.


Friends below are some questions related to how to remove your google accounts from android. Many people searching for their answer. So I added them to this article for my readers.

Q1. How to remove Google account from Android phone after factory reset?

This question is funny because when you factory reset your Android phone then it will erease all the data including all Google accounts.

When you perform factory reset on your Android device then it will wipe all the data also install apps, your personal data, accounts etc. That means you will find your device like As you get when buying a new phone.

Q2. How do I remove a Google account from my Android with out losing data?

If you remove your Google account from your Android device then it would not delete the entire Google account.

If you save any email messages then it will delete them. So if you want those gmail then you should download before deleting the Gmail account.

Q3. Does a factory reset remove Google account?

When you perform a factory reset on your device then it will remove all the data including Google accounts.

Final word

I hope you enjoyed this article. By following the above guide you can easily remove any Google account from your device if you have multiple login.

Also, if you want to remove all the accounts at a time, then you should perform a factory reset when you are planning to sell your device.

If you face any problem related to this article then you must comment below. I’ll try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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