You are not happy with your Instagram username or name? Here’s how to change name on Instagram before 14 days.

We randomly assign a username while creating an Instagram account. But later if we want to add our Instagram account with any of our business then this username doesn’t match.

This is why you want to change your old Instagram username related to your business name or any other username of your choice. To change your username on Instagram, you can use Instagram apps or the web version.

If you want to change your Instagram name or Instagram handle then, you can also do it easily.

But before you change your Instagram name or username, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • If you recently changed your Instagram username, then you have to wait for 14 days. After 14 days, you can change your Instagram username once again or stay with the one you previously used.
  • If you want to change your Instagram name or Instagram handle you can change it twice within 14 days.
  • The username must be under 30 characters and cannot contain anything other than letters, numbers, periods, and underscores.

But there are some methods you can try to change your name or username without the waiting period. So stay with me till the end of this article to know all the details.

What happened if you change your Instagram Username?

  • Changing your username will not affect your followers.
  • Your old username will appear as the user not found on every post, comment, or like that it is tagged in.
  • The Instagram profile URL contains the username. After changing the new username if someone searches your profile URL an error will appear “Sorry this page isn’t available”.
  • That is, you must update it wherever you have posted the URL of your Instagram profile in a blog post, email signature, or website. Otherwise, errors will occur.

How to change Instagram username before 14 days

There are a few methods you can try if you want to change your Instagram username before the 14-day waiting period:

A. Contact Instagram Support: You can reach out to Instagram Support and describe your current situation. Before the 14-day waiting period expires, they might be able to assist you in changing your username.

Visit the Help Centre on the Instagram app or website and follow the instructions to submit a support request.

B. Opening a second account: You can also open a second Instagram account with the username you like. After the first account’s 14-day waiting period is over, you can switch the usernames between the two accounts.

C. Other Methods: Although there may be other ways to change your Instagram username before the 14-day period is up, these techniques are not officially supported by Instagram and may be in violation of their terms of service. Be cautious and do your research before attempting any unofficial methods.

How to change name on Instagram before 14 days

If you have changed your name once during the past 14 days, you may do so again. But if you have changed your name twice within 14 days then changing is not possible.

But still, if you want to change it then you need to take the help of the Instagram help center. Where you can describe your situation and request them for changing your Instagram name.

How to change your Instagram profile details

  • Open your Instagram apps.
  • Go to the profile section.
  • Click on Edit Profile.
  • Here you can change your name, username, bio, and many profile details.
How To Change Name On Instagram Before 14 Days

How to change Instagram username and name from a computer

  • Click on the profile icon at the top right and click on the profile option.
  • Now click on Edit Profile.
  • Then click on the username option and replace it with a new username.
  • After inputting the username, scroll down and click on the submit button.
How To Change Name On Instagram Before 14 Daysv


Sometimes many people face problems while changing their username on Instagram. So I have added some questions related to how to change your Instagram username in this article. Which I have collected from search engines and various forum sites. Which can help you too.

Q1. Why can’t I change my Instagram username?

Maybe your new username is already in use. Either you exceeded the 14 days username limit.

Q2. How long can I change my Instagram username?

You can change your Instagram username as often as you like. But there are some restrictions. After you change your Instagram username you have to wait 14 days again to change.

Q3. How to change username in instagram when it is not available

According to the Instagram help center, if you want to use a username that is already being used or is inactive, then you need to use the available version of that username.
You can add periods, numbers, underscores, or any abbreviation for this.

Q4. Can I change Instagram username twice a day?

No. You can’t change your Instagram username twice a day. You have to wait another 14 days to change your Instagram username.
If you don’t want to wait for 14 days, then there are several methods you can try that I already discussed in this blog post.

Final word

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to change username on Instagram. You can easily change your Instagram username to a related username for your business.

This will make it easier for your customers to find your Instagram account. And can contact you very quickly.

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