Have you ever heard a different caller tune when calling your family or friends? And if you are wondering how to set caller tune in Jio then you have come to the right place.

Today in this article I will share with you almost all the methods by which you can set Caller Tune on your Jio.

Jio provides a free caller tune service for its users. No premium membership or fee for this. You can use a unique caller tune to personalize your calling experience. Here you can use Bollywood songs, regional songs, devotional songs or any other type of music as caller tunes.
So let’s get right to it and learn how you can set caller tune on Jio.

How to set caller tune in Jio for free

  • First, open the Jiosaavn app on your phone if not then install it from the play store.
  • Then login to the app with a mobile number or Google account.
  • Select the Jio Tune option from the top menu bar.
  • Here are some trending Jio tunes you can see if you want to have a Jio tune of your choice then search by tapping sir Jio tune.
  • Tap on the music icon on the right side with your favourite song in the search list.
  • And in the next window preview and tap on the set option to set Jio Tune.
  • Then you will get a Jio Tune activation confirmation message.
how to set caller tune in jio

How to set caller tune in Jio by SMS

Many of you may not want to set the caller tune using Jiosaavn. So they can use this method where through SMS you can set caller tune on your Jio Let’s know:

  • Send an SMS to 56789 with the song/film/or album name.
  • You will receive an SMS with a list matching your song along with instructions on how to set Jio Tune.
  • To set Jio Tune, SMS the number on which your song will be.
  • Then send Y for confirmation.

Alternatively, if you want to set Jio Tune via SMS without giving any song film or album name then you can SMS JT to 56789 and follow the instructions to set Jio Tune.

How to set caller tune using my Jio app

  • Open the My Jio app.
  • Select the Jio Tunes option from the bottom menu bar.
  • Tap on any song and you will see a music icon to the right of it. Tap on it.
  • Then tap on Set Jio Tune.
how to set caller tune in jio

How to set name caller tune in Jio

  • Open My Jio app.
  • Tap on the Jio tunes option from the bottom menu bar.
  • Tap on the Name Jio Tunes.
  • Search your name.
  • Tap on the play button for preview then tap on set.
  • Then follow the instructions to confirm.
how to set caller tune in jio


Many of you may have faced various problems while saving Jio Tune. And search the internet for its solution. So I have added all those questions in my tutorial for my readers.

Q1. How to set caller tune in Jio which is not available

Many times when we set Jio Tune, our favourite songs are not available.
So if you set Jio Tune from Jiosaavn and there is no song available then try to set that song to Jio Tune via SMS.

And even in this method if that song is not available then you can easily save that unavailable song to Jio Tune from your My Jio apps. I have already discussed all the methods in this post.

Q2. What is the difference between caller tune and dialer tone?

When someone calls you and the tune they hear is the caller’s tune. And on the other hand, if someone calls you and the ringtone that rings on your phone is the dialer tone or phone ringtone.

QQ3. How to set caller tune in Jio from phone storage

You can’t set Jio tune directly from phone storage. But you can set the same song from Jiosaavn, my Jio, or by the sms method.


You can easily set caller tune on Jio by following any of the methods discussed above.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. if you face any problem while setting caller tune on Jio then you must comment to us.