After the addition of channel features in WhatsApp we are getting direct updates through WhatsApp by joining different channels. To make this feature more user friendly whatsapp is going to add another new update to its channel which will be very useful for whatsapp channel admins.

So friends, let’s find out what these new features are and how channel admins can share more attractive content with its help.

WAbetainfo reported that they have received the Android WhatsApp beta update via PlayStore. A new feature has been seen where the channel update will show the view count.

That is, if you are an admin of a whatsapp channel and if you have shared any content there, then you will see the update of how many people have viewed it.

Features such as message reactions were available in channel updates where users could share different reactions based on the channel’s content.

From there, channel admins get an idea of how many people have viewed their content. Many may not share the reaction even if they see the content of the channel.

But now this new update of WhatsApp will allow the channel admins to get actual data of how many people have seen their content.

From this, they can get an idea that exactly how many people enjoy their content from the number of channel subscribers.

And based on this view count they will be motivated and try to make more advanced and attractive content.

View count in channel update will be seen by both admins and the subscribers.

The view count features in this WhatsApp channel update are still under development and will be made available in future updates.

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