Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story? And likewise, will you get a notification if someone takes a screenshot of your story?

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We know that Instagram is a very popular social media platform. Instagram brings lots of exciting features and updates to its users.

Just like that, Instagram introduced the Stories feature to its users in 2016. This is still very popular.

Because by using the story features, we can upload any photo or video which can be seen for 24 hours. This keeps us or the creators updated with their fans, followers, and friends.

does instagram notify when you screenshot a story

But for privacy reasons, you may have a question on your mind, if we share a story and someone takes a screenshot of it, will we get a notification?

Or if I screenshot someone’s story will they get notifications? Here’s what you need to know.

Can you be notified if someone screenshotted your Instagram story

No, Instagram doesn’t notify if someone takes a screenshot of your story, similarly, the person will not be notified if you screenshot their story.

Earlier back in 2018, Instagram tested a feature where its users could know if someone had taken a screenshot of their story.

It is unknown whether Instagram will add these features again in the future. Maybe Instagram will bring back this feature for its users.

Are there any other features where Instagram notifies for screenshot

If someone sends you a Disappearing photo or video in DM and you take a screenshot of it, a notification is sent to the sender.

If someone takes a screenshot of a vanishing video or photo in Instagram DM then a notification will send to the sender. No notifications are sent for story post reels.


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Q1. Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a post?

Instagram doesn’t notify for taking screenshots of a post. Maybe Instagram added these features soon.

Q2. How to know if someone screenshots your Instagram story?

Currently, this feature isn’t available on Instagram if someone takes a screenshot of your story.

Also, there is no other way or tricks. Only you can see who viewed your story.

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