Welcome to our new guide on how to see recent followers on Instagram! As an Instagram user, it is important to keep track of our followers and engagement so that our account can grow easily.

How To See Recent Followers On Instagram 2023 [New Update]
Instagram offers a number of features including the option to monitor the most recent followers that allow you to keep track of your recent followers.

In this guide, we will show you steps to view your recent followers on Instagram.

Importance of monitoring recent followers

How To See Recent Followers On Instagram 2023 [New Update]

Monitoring your recent followers on Instagram is another way to manage your account effectively. By keeping track of your recent followers you can get many ideas such as:

Know the interests of your new followers: You can analyze your new followers to know their age, location, and interests so that the content you create in the future will appeal to them.

Making Engaging with recent followers: After knowing the recent followers from your follow list, you can easily make a very nice engagement with them by liking their post or their content, commenting, and responding to their messages.

Avoid spam or fake accounts: Sometimes spam or fake accounts can follow us which damages our account engagement and reputation. You can easily avoid them by analyzing recent followers.

How to see recent followers on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile.
  2. Then go to the profile page by clicking on the profile icon at the bottom right.
  3. Then tap on the follower’s button to see recent followers.

By default, Instagram lists your followers in chronological order from new followers to oldest followers.

But you should remember that 👉 if your followers are less than 200 then the following list might be in alphabetical order.

How to see someone’s recent followers on Instagram

  • First, open Instagram and go to someone’s profile (you can search by username, find them from your feed, or from your lists).
  • Tap on the followers list. Their list is in chronological order, which means the most recent followers will display first.


There are lots of questions that many people search for answers to. I collected them from search engines and many forums. For my readers’ interest, I have included them in this article.

Q1. How to see followers on Instagram of private account?

You cannot see the list of followers of a private account. First of all, you have to follow them and if they accept then you can do it.

Q2. How to see Instagram followers in chronological order?

In your personal account, you can view your recent followers in chronological order where the current followers list is at the top and the older followers list is at the bottom.

But maybe in a recent update, Instagram doesn’t show the follower list in chronological order, here the following list is set in random order and it keeps changing depending on user activity.

Final word

By using the method that was just covered, you may quickly see who has recently followed you on Instagram.

But you should keep in mind that Instagram never permits users to check other’s recent followers or to use a third-party application that might violate its terms of service. As a result, there is a chance of your account being banned or suspended.

So follow Instagram’s guidelines and respect others’ privacy. So it is recommended to focus on monitoring your recent followers.

You can check our Instagram section to get more such tips.